Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday, September 11, 2009


Why Do I Listen

Damn, O Damn, why do I listen,

To stupid people, why do I listen.

I had an idea that I thought was great,

So off I went to tell my friend Nate,

As I told him my plan, he seemed perplexed,

He didn’t like my idea, rejected at best,

"How can I improve it?", I asked with fear,

Doubting my own abilities and wanting to hear,

Change this, change that and it'll be fine,

Add this, take away that, it’ll save you time,

Now he said, “Your plan is ready,

Take each step and just be steady”,

I did what he said and I started to try,

But three months later my plan had died,

I went to my friend who’s advice I thought true,

He looked and said, “What do you want me to do?”

No help, no support, only ridicule it seemed,

A heavy blow to my self-esteem,

Damn, O Damn, why do I listen,

To stupid people, why do I listen.

Now all alone, after a failed attempt,

My mind now vexed, I felt contempt,

Some contempt for my friend who gave me advice,

But more for myself, now I’m paying the price,

When I changed my idea, to accommodate my friend,

It was no longer mine, I was trying to pretend,

I sold myself out, when I listened to those,

Now I feel bad, why do you suppose?,

Then a voice inside responded...

The answer is easy, you failed with your wares,

Not because it wasn’t good, because the idea was theirs,

You stopped listening to yourself because you didn’t believe,

That your idea, on it merits you could achieve,

A level of success, unimaginable to you,

You doubted your talents, and now you’re blue,

But it gets worse,...

Now your afraid to try something new,

Because you past failure is haunting you,

But it was never your idea, don’t you understand,

It stopped being yours when you changed your plan,

You listened to others, that’s what went wrong,

You doubted yourself, you just went along

Damn, O Damn, why do I listen,

To stupid people, why do I listen.

So go back again, this time stay true,

To the idea you hatch, you planned within you.

And if it doesn’t work, you have no one to blame,

But at least you'll know you tried your game,

Plan again, keep adjusting, it will turn,

In your favor, and you won’t get burned,

Success isn’t easy, you need time to build,

But in the end, your pockets will be filled,

With money of course, but happiness to the letter,

Cause when you do it your way, oooh, it feels so much better.